You can stop in the shop and  make an appointment to consign your items. You may consign 10 items once a week. Your items will be on the floor for a six week cycle beginning the Thursday of the week consigned. Appointments must be made in person at the shop. No phone calls will be accepted.  

Items not sold within the consigned period become an automatic donation to our shop UNLESS the consignor picks up the items on or before their due date, which is located on the yellow copy of their consignment form.  Proceeds from items sold are 50% to the consignor and 50% to benefit the Columbus Cancer Clinic. The consignor will be given a listing of all items consigned (yellow copy) and this form must be shown to pick up consignment money or claim unsold items. Items must be in good working condition, not missing parts, clean, in style and in season. For more information, email us at

The shop has posted a permanent list of items that it will not accept,  due to state law or that will not sell well in the shop. ( See attached document)

Due to limited space in our shop, we are unable to accept large furniture pieces, TVs, computers, and other large or bulky items. We cannot accept paint or any hazardous materials, as well as baby car seats and baby crib bumper pads.  We ask that all clothing be in style, in season, clean, ( smoke and mildew free), in good condition and not wrinkled. 

Items We Do Not Accept.docx